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Secure your school data, networks and student devices with Absolute Software.

Higher Education

Delivering meaningful education has never been more exciting. Text books are quickly being replaced with digital devices, classrooms can be virtual, and students can learn from just about anywhere in the world.

The technology you need to support this reality can be complex and expensive. And since most education budgets are limited, how you spend (and safeguard) your investment is probably one of the most important decisions you will make.

K-12 Education

The IT landscape for organizations within Higher Education is unique. Administratively, facility-owned assets contain enrollment and personal student information for which you are ultimately responsible. Additional devices are provided for classroom and lab work. And then there are student-owned devices that represent an entirely different challenge.

If your IT assets are not safe, neither is the reputation of your school. So how do you maintain control over such a vast and ever-changing environment?

Absolute Software has been providing schools, universities, and other educational organizations with solutions to manage and secure their IT endpoints since 1993:

  • Absolute Computrace for endpoint security is used by hundreds of schools across the nation to centrally track, locate, and secure IT assets within a single cloud-based console. Asset inventory cycles are reduced from days to minutes. Alerts are sent as soon as suspicious behavior is detected. And you don't need to spend additional budget on replacement computers because we recover stolen devices. Guaranteed.
  • Absolute Manage for endpoint management maintains the health of each device in your deployment. Support Mac, PC, and iOS devices within a single console. Prevent the spread of viruses and forbidden applications. Use every software license and Apple app before you buy more. And redirect the money you save from implementing Power Management policies to more meaningful school initiatives.
  • Absolute Service is an IT Service Management (ITSM) solution. It combines people, process, and information technology so that IT services can align with the needs of the business.

Absolute Safe Schools for K-12

Absolute Safe Schools Poster

The Absolute Safe Schools program is a new, comprehensive program where Absolute teams work with schools, communities, and individuals to:

  • Educate them on device theft prevention
  • Provide essential rapid response resources immediately after a theft
  • Conduct investigations and recover devices using our proven technology and investigative techniques
  • Help eradicate the criminal element from campus by providing bulk discounts to schools to protect their students


Customer Videos

  • Customer Video: Kansas City Public Schools

    Joe Fives, Director of Technology and Information Services uses Absolute Computrace to secure and manage the devices of 21,000 students and 3,700 employees at Kansas City Public Schools. Computrace helped Kansas City to manage the 25,000 devices in...

    Publish Date: 09/10/2014
  • Customer Video: Cobb County Schools

    Michael Murray, Director of Field Services at one of Georgia's largest school districts - Cobb County Schools - describes how Absolute Software helps them to provision, manage, secure, and track their IT assets, including PCs, Macs and over 5,500 iOS...

    Publish Date: 02/09/2014
  • Surrey School District Customer Video
    Customer Video: Surrey School District

    Surrey School District uses Computrace to track and secure 19,000 PC and Mac devices.

    Publish Date: 01/05/2011