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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Corporately Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) programs are becoming the norm for many enterprises. Often labeled as “the consumerization of IT”, BYOD is driven by employee demand for flexibility and choice when it comes to mobile devices.

Data Security

BYOD poses many risks to corporate data which may be stored on an employee-owned device – especially if the device is lost or stolen or if the employee leaves the organization. Absolute Software allows IT to secure corporate data without any impact to the employee’s personal information including capabilities such as:

  • Automated employee-enrollment workflows, including a BYOD policy implementation guide to help you legally secure and manage employee-owned devices
  • Enterprise level security including stronger passwords and certificate authentication for Exchange email access
  • Remote management and deployment of user profiles (configure email, restrict apps, disable cameras)
  • Mobile content management
  • Automated IT commands based on predefined conditions to turn off roaming, demote a device to unmanaged status, IT alerts, etc.
  • Remediation of non-compliant devices including the ability to remotely freeze and wipe devices

Supporting a BYOD Policy in an Enterprise Environment

Absolute BYOD Policy Guide

It is good practice for organizations with BYOD programs to implement a BYOD security policy that clearly outlines the company's governance policy. This allows IT to better manage these devices and ensure network security is not compromised. Employees are required to opt in so they are fully aware of the actions that could be taken by IT if their device is lost, stolen, or at risk.

The BYOD Policy Implementation Guide provides everything you need to legally secure and manage employee-owned devices within an enterprise environment. It includes a useful template for an Employee Mobile Device Agreement that you can customize for your organization.

Persistence for COPE Endpoints

Patented Absolute persistence technology provides you with a constant connection to all of the devices in your deployment. It is built into the firmware of most computers, tablets, and smartphones at the factory. With Absolute persistence technology, if the software agent is removed, it will automatically reinstall so that IT can continue to track, manage, and protect their assets and the corporate data they contain. This persistent connection allows customers to monitor status and take proactive and reactive measures regardless of user or location.

BYOD Solutions

When choosing a BYOD solution, the single most important qualifying point is that the software must support more than a single platform. With one solution for many devices, Absolute is the industry standard in persistent endpoint security and management solutions for computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones — and the data they contain.

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