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Healthcare organizations around the world rely on Absolute Software to secure devices and the sensitive patient data they contain. Close to 80% of healthcare data breach scenarios can be mitigated with Absolute Software.

More healthcare workers than ever before are taking care of patients outside of the hospital. In fact, the fastest growing segment is Alternative Care, including home care, infusion clinics and traveling nurses. With an increasingly mobile workforce, healthcare employees rely on portable devices such as laptops and tablets to access patient information and update healthcare records on the go.

The Cost of a Data Breach: Healthcare Settlements Involving Lost or Stolen Devices

Whitepaper: Healthcare Settlements involving Lost or Stolen Devices

Some of the costliest breaches have resulted from lost or stolen Healthcare devices. Read our Whitepaper for details of these data breach cases.

Forrester Brief Healthcare

Forrester Healthcare Brief

In the past 5 years, 31.4 million people have had their Protected Health Information (PHI) compromised in privacy and security breaches. Read Forrester's Brief on the state of Healthcare data security.

Securing patient data beyond the network

To protect sensitive data, Absolute healthcare customers rely on a trusted lifeline to each device, regardless of user or location. Patented Absolute persistence technology allows IT administrators to maintain contact with each device, on or off the network. If an unauthorized user attempts to uninstall the Absolute software agent, it will automatically reinstall. And if suspicious activity occurs, IT is alerted so they can remotely invoke preemptive or reactive security measures such as device freeze, data delete or data retrieval to ensure - and most importantly prove - that compliance measures were in place. 

Secure Healthcare Devices with Absolute Computrace

  • Create customized alerts for suspicious behavior
  • Track and locate assets, regardless of user or location
  • Set geofences to ensure devices stay within authorized areas
  • Monitor device status and run encryption status and antivirus update reports
  • Perform security incident response and remediation (data retrieval, data delete, device freeze, end user messaging)
  • Investigation and recovery services for lost and stolen devices
  • Reduce asset inventory cycles from days to minutes
  • Run compliance reports and certificates (end-of-life protocols, historical device record, encryption status reports)

Manage Healthcare Devices with Absolute Manage

  • Monitor vulnerability using standard Security Content Automation Protocol reports
  • Protect the network from faulty updates using automated patch management
  • Remotely configure consistent policies, settings and restrictions across any device
  • Manage administration, healthcare staff, and physician devices based on the unique requirements of each user and department
  • Automate enrollment for BYOD and COPE programs
  • Distribute and access confidential documents securely in compliance with data security regulations
  • Secure and/or restrict access to organizational resources, including email, VPN and Wi-Fi networks
  • Automate software inventory tracking to ensure compliance with software vendor contracts