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Ask Absolute Videos / What is Absolute Persistence?

Absolute persistence allows customers to maintain a connection with all of the devices in their deployment. The ability to connect with each device allows them to perform management and security actions regardless of user or location.

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    Ask Absolute Video: Managing and Securing Endpoints with Absolute Service

    Learn how you can create efficiencies by performing Computrace and Absolute Manage functions directly from the Absolute Service console.

    : Ask Absolute Video | : 14/04/2014
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    Ask Absolute Video: What is the Apple Device Enrollment Program for MDM?

    The Apple Device Enrollment Program (ADEP), available to US customers, provides improved workflows for provisioning iOS devices. ADEP allows you to streamline the enrollment process for your corporate devices, automatically install your MDM profiles,...

    : Ask Absolute Video | : 03/03/2014
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    Ask Absolute Video: Can iOS app and book distribution be streamlined?

    With the introduction of iOS 7 and the new automated workflows within Absolute Manage, the process to distribute apps and books has now been streamlined. Apps can be centrally distributed and then revoked when a user no longer requires access. And...

    : Ask Absolute Video | : 03/01/2014
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    Ask Absolute Video: What is Remote Data Delete?

    If a device is at risk, then so is the data it contains. Even if you know the data is safe, when it comes to regulatory compliance and corporate liability, you need to be able to prove it. Our customers use the data delete audit report, a key...

    : Ask Absolute Video | : 09/12/2013
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    Ask Absolute Video: What is Mobile IT Service Management?

    In today's connected world, employees work on the go and from remote locations. And with this increase in mobility, customers have come to expect a prompt response regardless if the technician is on the road or in the office. In order to meet these...

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    Ask Absolute Video: What is EMM?

    EMM or Enterprise Mobility Management is defined as the people, processes and technology focused on managing mobile devices in a business environment. This umbrella term encompasses other mobile management components, such as Application Management,...

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  • Ask Absolute
    Ask Absolute Video: What is GRC for the Endpoint?

    GRC for the endpoint is the tools and data designed to ensure proper governance, risk management and compliance. Absolute Computrace provides foundational support for GRC for the endpoint, through the world’s only persistent device connection.

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    Ask Absolute Video: How can I support a BYOD program?

    Learn how you can use Absolute Manage to automate the manual and time-consuming processes associated with BYOD programs.

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    Ask Absolute Video: What is Power Management?

    Learn how you can save money and conserve natural resources by implementing a power management policy.

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    Ask Absolute Video: What is AbsoluteSafe?

    Securely distribute and control sensitive corporate data on iOS or Android devices with AbsoluteSafe, an app that’s available with Absolute Manage Mobile Device Management.

    : Ask Absolute Video | : 19/12/2011