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Absolute Service

Absolute Service is an IT Service Management (ITSM) solution. It combines people, process, and information technology so that IT services can align with the needs of the business.

ITIL-Certified ITSM

With a data-driven view of the overall business, IT can assess the potential business impact of each service request. This is important since a simple hardware failure can have serious productivity and profitability implications to other parts of the business. With Absolute Service, IT has the necessary insight to respond appropriately.

For more information, read our Absolute Service datasheet or view our product demo. For information about our Help Desk edition, read our Absolute Service Help Desk datasheet.

Absolute Service Management Diagram

IT Administrators can use a data-driven view of the organization to prioritize service requests and ensure there are no costly interruptions to the business.

Benefits for IT Departments

  • Satisfy service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Intuitively group and resolve multiple requests with a single solution
  • Identify and avoid costly business interruptions
  • Migrate to the latest version with a single click

Benefits for Organizations

  • Save over 80% by configuring the solution
  • Pay once, not forever
  • Avoid costly long term consulting expenses
  • Save development time and better reallocate resources

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