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Today computer manufacturers are building self-encrypting drives (SEDs) into their devices, providing a standardized, hardware-based method of encryption that ships with the computer.

If you have an upcoming computer refresh cycle, chances are your new devices could include SEDs.

SEDs are based on technology that encrypts the drive itself, rather than other components of the PC. This means the content of the SED is always encrypted, including the encryption keys.

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Industry analysts predict that SEDs will quickly replace traditional software-based encryption solutions which are expensive, can negatively impact computer performance, and often consume significant IT resources to manage encryption keys.

With Absolute Secure Drive, IT administrators can easily configure and set up each SED. Using the Absolute Secure Drive console, they can administer users, authentication methods, policies, and system maintenance through to end-of life.

Absolute Computrace Integration
Absolute Secure Drive integrates with Absolute Computrace to provide organizations with endpoint security reporting and alerting capabilities, including encryption status and failed login attempts, for devices on or off the company network.

Absolute Computrace customers will be happy to know that Absolute Secure Drive leverages Absolute persistence technology by allowing the Computrace Agent to self-heal onto the encrypted hard drive in the event that the computer is lost or stolen.