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Absolute Manage / Features & Benefits

The features available with Absolute Manage provide organizations with unrivaled asset management capabilities. From computer imaging, patch management, MDM security, and BYOD policy automation, each capability allows IT to properly manage and secure the endpoint. Absolute Manage is available for MDM as a stand-alone product or as a component of the overall Absolute Manage asset management solution.

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Application & License Management

Insight to what’s installed on a device is a baseline compliance and security requirement. IT needs to know if software license quotas have been exceeded and if blacklisted apps have been installed:

  • Collect data and track applications and licenses by device
  • Intelligently manage licenses and avoid over-install penalties
  • Locate, terminate, and remove unlicensed and unauthorized software
  • Simplify application repackaging for Mac and Windows and save time with the InstallEase utility
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Security, Change and Configuration Management

Secure and manage a range of devices and operating systems including employee-owned devices as well as company assets:

  • Read our BYOD Policy Implementation Guide for best practices
  • Use device data to remotely monitor and assess each device
  • Monitor encryption status by device including encryption product, version, status of encryption, and other details
  • Set stronger passwords for tablet and phone devices, clear a password, lock a device, and wipe it clean to factory settings
  • Use an automated BYOD employee enrollment process to eliminate manual IT work
  • Manage corporate and government regulations with the Security Content Automation Protocol report
  • Read how certificate authentication provides a much higher degree of security, an improved end user experience, and a significant reduction in password related security and help desk incidents
Absolute Manage Automated Patch Management Icon

Automated Patch Management

Relying on manual processes to properly manage patch status by device is not an economical model. More importantly, the organization may be at risk if patches are outdated:

  • Centrally manage and install patches, tracking and reporting on the patch status across PC, Mac, and third-party applications
  • Test and install new patches on a subset of devices before a broader deployment
  • Automatically add updates
Absolute Manage Computer Imaging Icon

Computer Imaging

IT administrators can easily spend the bulk of their time carrying out standard maintenance routines. Automating processes such as computer imaging means they can invest time in the important work:

  • Use a single automated process to install a complete operating system and standard applications
  • Deploy a disk image while a computer is in use and automatically migrate user folders, network settings and Directory Access settings with no interruption to users
Absolute Manage Asset Inventory Icon

Asset Inventory

Accurate device data means that IT can focus only on those devices that need attention:

  • Gather hundreds of hardware and software data points
  • Display data with custom views, searches and reports
  • Export data into various file formats
  • Import existing data from Active Directory and Open Directory for consistent identity management and user authentication methodology
  • Integrate asset information into native applications like Absolute Service or third party applications such as Microsoft SCCM and Web Help Desk
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Power Management

Save money and conserve natural resources by implementing a power management policy:

  • Base the policy on user behavior and work schedules to enforce the most energy efficient profile
  • Analyze the data generated by the policy to determine resource savings and to plan for greater efficiency
  • Leverage government and tax rebates for energy management compliance
  • Learn more about Power Management