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Absolute Computrace

Absolute Computrace allows organizations to persistently track and secure all of their endpoints within a single cloud-based console. Computers and ultra-portable devices such as netbooks, tablets, and smart phones can be remotely managed and secured to ensure—and most importantly prove—that endpoint IT compliance processes are properly implemented and enforced.

Absolute Computrace Datasheet

Absolute Computrace datasheetRead our Absolute Computrace datasheet to learn how organizations stay connected with each device in their deployment.

Absolute Computrace Mobile Datasheet

Absolute Computrace Mobile datasheetLearn how Absolute Computrace Mobile provides you with the technology you need to remotely secure your devices.

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance for Endpoints

Computrace provides foundational support for all activities related to Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) for the endpoint. By maintaining a persistent connection to each device, organizations can oversee:

  • Data security and protection
  • Deployment and licensing audits
  • BYOD policy enforcement
  • Theft and criminal investigations
  • Security incident response and remediation
  • Endpoint forensics
  • Compliance reports and certificates

Persistence for the Endpoint

With Absolute persistence technology, organizations stay connected to each device in their deployment. This persistent connection allows them to monitor status and take proactive and reactive measures regardless of device location or user.