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InstallEase is available for Absolute Manage customers and prospects. Anyone who is using or evaluating our technology will benefit.

Download InstallEase for FREE

InstallEase* allows you to create customized installer software packages for Windows and Mac OS X. The wizard-based program takes all the confusion out of custom package creation for a fast, efficient process—freeing up IT resources to focus on the more critical management tasks.

Control the files to be installed with InstallEase and then deploy the package using Absolute Manage for a fully automated and coordinated process.

InstallEase Features

  • Automated snapshots - before / after
  • Manual package creation
  • Home folder file installation
  • Exclusion filters
  • Uninstaller PKGs
  • Graphical user interface
  • Output to multiple formats

* Support for InstallEase is only available for Absolute Manage customers.


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