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Absolute Persistence

Patented Absolute persistence technology provides our customers with a constant connection to all of the devices in their deployment. If efforts are made to remove it, the technology simply rebuilds itself so our customers can continue to track, manage, and secure their assets. No other technology can do this.

Absolute Persistence FAQ

Absolute Persistence FAQThese frequently asked questions (FAQ) are designed to help you better understand our persistence technology.

Absolute Computrace Datasheet

Absolute Computrace DatasheetRead our Absolute Computrace datasheet to learn how organizations stay connected with each device in their deployment.

How Absolute Persistence Technology Works

  • Through our partnership with computer manufacturers, the Absolute persistence module is embedded into the firmware of computer, tablet, and smartphone devices at the factory.
  • Once the Computrace agent is installed and activated our customers enjoy a level of persistence that is virtually tamper-proof, providing them with a trusted lifeline to each device in their deployment.
  • The Absolute persistence module is built to detect when the Computrace and/or Absolute Manage software agents have been removed, ensuring they are automatically reinstalled, even if the firmware is flashed, the device is re-imaged, the hard drive is replaced, or if a tablet or smartphone is wiped clean to factory settings.
  • Absolute persistence technology is built into the BIOS or firmware of a device during the manufacturing process. Once activated, customers who purchase these devices benefit from an extra level of security. View a list of devices that support Absolute persistence.

Download our Absolute Persistence FAQ to learn more.

Computrace Persistence

The Computrace and Absolute agents are automatically reinstalled so that IT Administrators can track, manage and secure all devices regardless of user location.