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About Absolute Software

Absolute Software specializes in technology and services for the management and security of mobile computers, netbooks, and smartphones.

Absolute Software

For individuals, Absolute Software provides peace-of-mind by physically recovering stolen computers and remotely deleting sensitive files from them. For businesses, we deliver state-of-the-art IT asset management—allowing organizations to reduce IT costs, address regulatory compliance, combat computer theft, and optimize the productivity of their computer, netbook, and smartphone devices. Read more

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Absolute Persistence

Absolute persistence technology provides our customers with a constant connection to all of the devices in their deployment. If efforts are made to remove it, the technology simply rebuilds itself so our customers can continue to track, manage, and protect their assets. No other technology can do this. Read more

Corporate Social Responsibility

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We are passionate about protecting the environment and supporting our community, locally and globally. Every year, we participate in a variety of voluntary activities that support good and charitable causes. Read more

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At Absolute, we're proud of our open-door management policy, extending from first-line supervisors to the CEO, which empowers every employee to step forward with ideas and suggestions for improving our products. Read more